Dai Nam University

Dai Nam University was officially established in Hanoi capital and operating under the Regulation of Private University in accordance with Decision No. 1535/QD-TTg dated November 14, 2007 by the Prime Minister.The mission of the Dai Nam University is: To train the high quality human resources for the integration periodBesides attractive, open and creative training environment, students study at University College will also enjoy many other amenities, such as:

  • Having international teachers engaging in teaching certain subjects and topics.
  • Students will be introduced to banks for considering lending fees with preferential interest rates.
  • Qualified students will have apportunity to be employed at some banking and credit institutions right after graduation.
  • Having preferable policy for outstanding students such as scholarship, or send abroad for further study.

Dai Nam University differentiate itself for having a A highlight of the development orientation of the University: Associate training with actual practicing. Therefore, graduates can start their carrer right away and businesses will not need to take time and costs for retraining.