International School

The high-performance University of the 21st Century must embrace quality programs, products and services as its cornerstone. It must nurture and tap the talents, ideas and energy of its extended family of stakeholders to realize this ambitious goal. We is poised to assume the role as a model institution of higher education as we enter the next millennium.

International School (IS) is a faculty in Dai Nam University, with headquarters in Hanoi, known for high-quality academic programs and outstanding faculty, products, and services to students and clients, independent of time and place constraints.

IS serves mainly adult, part-time students through both traditional and innovative instruction. IS introduces, consults and offers international programs from diploma’s, advance diploma’s, bachelor's, master's to doctoral degrees, certificates, and personal and professional development programs that respond to the needs of the lifelong learner.

IS achieves its mission first by meeting the needs of the student through an emphasis on teaching, faculty development, and student learning outcomes; through a commitment to lifelong learning partnerships with students and clients nationwide; and through innovative delivery of high-quality educational programs, products, services, and customized curricula.

The aim of the IS is to respond to changing educational and commercial environments and enhance the University’s reputation as a major provider of high quality education and language training programs.

In achieving this aim, the objectives of the IS are as follows:

  • to provide a high quality learning experience which enables students to develop intellectually and individually.
  • to ensure that all DNU students are given the opportunity to equip themselves with the language skills to function effectively in a global labour market.
  • to consolidate and expand the University International Program, both in terms of student numbers and subject specific variants.
  • to work with colleagues from disciplines across the university to develop innovative and relevant programmes.
  • to be at the forefront of developments learning and in the application of new technologies for its programs and language learning.
  • to build on and further develop the English program for practice, specific, academic purposes.

We are not limited to introducing programs in Vietnam, but also cooperate with other partners in the field of education for student exchange and training programs. We welcome partners to cooperate with us to deliver dynamic, reasonable and appropriate training programs for students in Vietnam. We are also willing to work with companies wishing to find good employees, have the skills to work for their projects in Vietnam, our students are thoroughly trained and ready for the new job.