Mission & Vision

IS’s success depends on people, both within and outside the institution, working towards a common vision that includes what we believe in and what we stand for.

We believe in lifelong learning: We focus on helping our students and clients embrace lifelong learning through quality programs and products designed to serve their educational goals.

We stand for quality: Our commitment to quality encompasses every aspect of what we do: relevant and rigorous curriculum, challenging faculty, creative delivery, and responsive support systems.

We believe in the centrality and primacy of the learner: We exist to serve our students at times and places convenient to them, and to enable them to achieve their learning objectives with minimal non-academic obstacles.

We stand for access: We provide affordable gateways of opportunity and lifelong learning partnerships to all those willing to meet our standards.

We believe that the marketplace will serve as the test of our effectiveness: We have a responsibility to shape and inform demand, as well as respond to it, and to balance the economic power of the marketplace with the wisdom and social accountability of a public institution of higher education.

We believe in a participative culture: IS is an organization that values mutual respect, openness and trust. People are valued, and all individuals within the organization have unique and important contributions to be made. The ideas, opinions and input of all are not only welcomed, but considered essential to the achievement of our goals.

We believe in the growth of our own employees: Just as we stand for the growth and development of our institution and its constituents, so do we believe in the growth of our own employees. In order to respond to both the known and unknown challenges that lie ahead, we must be mindful of and continually support our own learning and growth.

Collaborative Efforts: We are dedicated to the fundamental tenets of inter-institutional collaboration and cooperation with other educational institutions, both public and private, actively seeks partnerships with those institutions to benefit Vietnamese students.

We are an entrepreneurial institution, dedicated to seeking and forming innovative partnerships with universities worldwide, non-educational institutions, and private sector entities to further it mission to servestudents.

We pursue partnerships with other schools, universities and other partners around the world. In addition, We pursue relationships with the private sector to both become their educational provider of choice and to jointly explore New global markets.